I have to say that my experience was great. There were some misunderstanding on the billing part. However they called me to understand what happened and listened to the problems I had, addressed them and thank me for the feedback. One of the few positive experiences I had like this in the healthcare world. Definitely great leadership behind this center, and (touch wood) I would use them again if I need it. — Google Plus reviewer July 2013
Thanks you note 2013-06-23

To the wonderful staff of EMC!
Your careful attentive and very quick treatment of me was greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten!
Warmest regards.
Your staff has been nothing but outstanding. The feedback we have been getting is nothing short of excellent. [Our employee] means a lot to us, so we are glad you were able to help him. Thanks so much to all of EMC's Doctors and Nurses for their professional work.

— A happy employer

Dear Dr. Steve,
Thank you so much for your kind and swift action last Tuesday, when my husband, Bobby, came into your office after his shoulder accident. He said you were a really integral part in getting him to a manageable pain level so he could function. He speaks very highly of you, and is/was super appreciative.

...He'll be sure to stop by and show you the very impressive scar he has accrued!

Best to you, Angela DiGaetano

While vacationing in NYC last week my husband, who has a neo-bladder as a result of bladder cancer, developed a fever and abdominal discomfort. He refused to go to a hospital emergency room and I found Emergency Medical Care on the internet. We went to their 42nd St location at about 11:00pm Thursday and couldn't have been happier or more impressed with the care he received. A neo-bladder is a rather rare medical reconstruction but they were familiar with it and handled it perfectly.

They performed a CT scan that confirmed a kidney problem and did blood and urine tests. IV antibiotics and fluids were administered and we went back the next afternoon on our way to the airport for more antibiotics and fluids and a repeat of the tests. We checked into the emergency room at the Univ of Wash Medical center the following day and they were very impressed with the care and treatment he had received. We are still trying to sort things out with his regular specialist in Seattle but in the meantime received a call from the EMC folks today advising him to change antibiotics as result of culture results that took several days to test.

We only wish our regular doctors were as responsive as the folks at EMC!
— Google Review 11/6/2013

"Thank you for your help today and for having such a lovely bed side manner. I do most of my medical in Bombay, my second home, mainly for the fact that american health care leaves a gigantic amount to be desired in terms of personal care. I did my fibroid surgery there last year and was in the equivilant of a beautiful buddist temple (in regards to the setting) and the medical care, as well as the personal care, was like nothing I have ever experienced.

Today, your manner reminded me of that and just wanted to thank you.
My best"

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent care I received today from all members of staff. I was here on business from the UK and feeling poorly and Stefanie went out of her way to help me navigate the US health care system. Dr Christine Chansky was wonderful. She spoke to my UK Dr, reassured me and gave me the best advice to make me comfortable so I could travel home tonight. Excellent service but more importantly the staff seems to genuinely care about the individual patient." —British patient, February 2013

"Dear Dr. Chansky and the EMC Staff,
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all of you wonderful ladies that made sure I was taken care of during one of my darkest hours. Dr. C., you not only saved my life, but you also saved my job! I was able to report back to wo.rk the next day, with a clear mind and mentality.

Your team of nurses were more than hospitable, and very sensitive to my situation. The Front of house crew even brought me coffee and made sure I was comfortable as well. You are truly a stellar group of individuals, and made sure customer service was top priority, something many businesses have lost over time. ... Enjoy your weekend ladies!"

"You were right on! Shilpa Desai PA took care of us and is wonderful! Gina did a great job at front desk with paperwork. Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough! I feel better now knowing I have a place to take my family thanks to you!" —New EMC client to referring friend, Feb 2013

"...Tell Dr. Okhravi that the stitches performed very well — my lip healed so quickly that the first few stitches were pushed out only four or five days after treatment, and now there is almost no scarring whatsoever. I am a happy customer :) " —Abby T. Miller, Oct 2012

"The day after a serious shoulder injury I went to EMERGENCY CARE OF TRIBECA to avoid the customary long wait and impersonal care of hospital ER's. Dr. Steven and his staff could not have been more courteous and professional. I was seen quickly, x-rayed, cuts washed and bandaged, and Dr. Steven correctly diagnosed the nature of my shoulder injury. I would highly recommend them based on my own experience." —John, comment on BatteryPark.com

"I routinely instruct my patients to keep the EMC phone number handy. 24/7, they have the Urgent Care resources to efficiently and effectively cover ER situations. The EMC Team keeps me informed so medical care can be uninterrupted..." —Dr. Prem Chattoo, GI Specialist.

"A neurological condition can present itself at any hour. I'm happy to partner with EMC to cover emergencies as they arise with my patients. EMC is highly recommended." —Dr. St. Martin, Neurologist

"Aside from being completely collaborative, EMC is on point with sharing patient therapy records, follow-up on test results, and prompt responses to inquiries. They care about patients, and it shows..." —Jevan Madavian, Administrator

Kudos from EMC's patients

Dear Dr. Shaw,

[We] would like to thank you sincerely for all your help on Saturday night.

Your honesty and expertise made us feel extremely comfortable while getting this delicate procedure done. You also performed the procedure with next to no pain for Alexandria and she has been recovering very well since.

When we left, we were both discussing how we wanted to use you for a Primary Physician, even though we know it's not possible.

You made a very difficult and hard procedure seem easy.

Thank you again and please send our gratitude to (Dr.) Herenia Santos as well.

Kind Regards,
[EMC Patient]


testimonial note 2014-08-09

Thank you card 2014-07-21

6/9/2014: Stefanie received this nice thank you note with some chocolates.

See larger view

Dear Dr. Steve,
Thank you very much for your caring with my back pain last Monday. As I said before, Doctors at the EMC are the only ones I currently trust in NYC; that is why I turn to you whenever I need.

When I saw you at the office I felt immediately relieved, because I knew that I would get the three basic things I expect from a professional:

  1. A human and thoughtful approach;
  2. A precise diagnostic;
  3. An effective treatment.
Unfortunately, your high quality care is not a standard in NYC, which makes me appreciate it and be more grateful for your services. I feel much better and am using the time you gave me to rest and recover.

Once again, thank you!

Best wishes, Silvia Alencar

After waking up with a horrible sinus infection, I received fast, outstanding service from Emergency Medical Care. Friendly and efficient, I was in and out within 20 minutes with the right prescription. Also, received a phone call from a real person two days later to check in on whether I was feeling better. Highly recommended!
—Clark Polson, Google Reviewer 5/14/2014

Look at the wonderful postcard we received!


See larger view

Dear Dr. Shilpa
Alan and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for your care in 2013. We are happy and healthy. We are especially grateful for you, Dr. Steve, Stephanie and Chuck being such good professionals, and mostly, for seeing us with as humans before doctors and nurses.
Thank you for being patience and kind. Thank you for bringing honor and dignity to us in your care. These simple things are very meaningful to us and unfortunately, have not been the general rule in NYC.
Have a wonderful 2014!
Best wishes,

Your Brazilian patients [Dec. 31, 2013]

I was in town for a performance, and got injured at the show. Your staff and care is by far the best I have ever received ANYWHERE! Thank you for seeing me immediately, treating me with such respect and dignity.

You should be very proud of your service.
Warm regards,

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Men of the Strip