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Downtown: 200 Chambers Street, NYC
Midtown: 521 West 42nd Street, NYC
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The EMC Promise . . .
Urgent Care your way
  • You value your time; so we do, too.
  • Excellence practiced every day.
  • Sophisticated resources, comprehensive care.
  • Committed to the communities we serve.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC) is a both a healthcare practice and an efficient, compassionate urgent care concept and practice forged by our founder, Steve Okhravi, MD, MBA, CPE.

After a long and successful career in medicinal business management and hospital ER management, Dr. Okhravi (through in practice) observation realized there was a better way to provide Emergency Care medicine that puts the patient on the fast track to urgent care. With this notion, the EMC concept was born. Simply stated, EMC is a Healthcare practice dedicated to better, timely medicine. EMC provides these services in a professional, pleasant urban setting that is otherwise saddled with long delays resulting from people in highly populated areas seeking Hospital style ER services. From this premise, the Stand Alone ER concept is born.