Downtown: 200 Chambers Street, NYC
Midtown: 521 West 42nd Street, NYC
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The EMC Promise . . .
Urgent Care your way
  • You value your time; so we do, too.
  • Excellence practiced every day.
  • Sophisticated resources, comprehensive care.
  • Committed to the communities we serve.

Steve Okhravi
EMC Founder

Dr. Okhravi's deep credentials have made him the perfect candidate for creating and leading this novel Urgent Care facility--dedicated to the NYC communities that EMC serves. In his professional CV you'll find an uncanny blend of healthcare practice, process and work flow savvy, along with exceptional hospital, ER and business management skills. This convergence of skills formed EMCs best practices and stand-alone ER healthcare knowledge based on practical, progressive, efficient, and compassionate urgent care principles.

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