5 Wonderfully Weird Workouts
Posted on Mar 06, 2017 2017-10-04T13:33:26+00:00 0 execise Emergency Medical Care
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We’ve all heard of Zumba, Pilates and yoga, but how about punk-aerobics or mud racing? No? Well let’s take a look at some whacky but exciting workout trends that have hit the scene fairly recently:
  1. Zuu is a combination of many different types of exercise, all of which mimic animal movements and activities such as crawling, climbing trees or racing through a forest.
  2. Backwards running ­– If you see this, you may think you’ve stepped into some weird parallel universe, but nope! People are simply into jogging backwards to spice up their fitness regimens these days. The fitness theory behind backward running? It strengthens opposing muscle groups and relieves some of the hamstring pressure and high impact of forward running. Do you buy it? Give it a try (carefully) to find out!
  3. Mud Races are essentially mud-covered obstacle courses complete with different stations to tackle like crawling underneath netting through a mud-pit, racing others to the finish. It works all areas of the body and can be quite rigorous, so much so that many mud race obstacle courses require participants to meet physical endurance or health requirements before they can enter.
  4. Electronic surfing – A hockey player and avid surfer created the first electronic surfing machines, the Ripsurfer X to expertly simulate a real surfing experience so off-season surfers can stay true to form. However, it has gone on to explode in the fitness world as one of the coolest new exercise trends for surfers and non-surfers alike. While these boards are quite expensive, there are many electronic surfing studios around where you can attend e-surf classes to get a surfer body without shelling out for the actual device. It targets the upper body and is especially great for your core. Trying to balance while the board is shifting all around would be a fun challenge indeed.
  5. Circus-style workouts – Perhaps the best for last, did you ever attend the circus and envy the trapeze artists gracefully swinging, hanging and flipping through the air? Well no need to get green-eyed, you can do a circus-style workout! These workshops take place in studios filled with circus equipment and teach participants different aerial skills that burn hundreds of calories a session. How fun?
There you have our 5 favorite wacky workouts! It can pay to think outside the box when it comes to fitness! Thanks for visiting EMC.