7 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season
Posted on Dec 24, 2016 2017-07-07T14:45:26+00:00 0 Uncategorized Emergency Medical Care
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The holiday season can be the most enjoyable time of year, but it can also bring its own set of obstacles and stresses. Make the most of your holidays with these helpful tips:
  1. Keep germs at bay – a cold or flu can not only take you out of commission for a week or two, but would likely also ruin your Christmas or holidays. Be sure to get your flu shot if you haven’t already, and wash your hands thoroughly and routinely to avoid catching the many contagions on the go during the holidays.
  2. Try to stay calm – the holidays can be quite a stressful time for many, with the constant influx of company and all the preparation that can go into the season, but try to keep your stress levels low by taking deep breaths, taking ‘you time’ as needed and cutting yourself some slack. Whatever you get accomplished will be fine, don’t add extra pressure to your plate.
  3. Prioritize both fun and safety – Caution your children to be extra careful when walking and playing outside during the holidays. Unfortunately, some people make the terrible decision to drink and drive home from a holiday party, even though that type of choice often ends in tragedy. Make sure your whole family keeps their eyes open for swerving vehicles this season.
  4. Don’t let partying eclipse your holidays - there are often holiday parties happening all throughout the holidays which can be so much fun, but drinking in excess can leave you hungover and tired for the holidays, which is no fun for anyone. Party responsibly so you can enjoy your holidays.
  5. Watch those sneaky holiday calories – between the extra buns, cookies and candies laid out in every home and the fancy suppers laden with gravy, the holidays can bring with them a few extra pounds. To ensure your pants still fit come the New Year, try to be aware of what you’re snacking on during the holidays, and limit those extras that could mean trouble for the waistline.
  6. Get out for some fun seasonal exercise to combat the blues – Regular exercise is essential for a healthy body but it can also help tamp down the effects of depression. Exercising outdoors is one of the best remedies for winter depression (seasonal affective disorder) as the sun provides much needed vitamin D and can boost your mood.
  7. Remember what really matters – gifts, decorations and cookies are all exciting holiday bonuses, but remember that the holidays are really about gratitude and enjoying your friends and family. If you can’t afford everything on your loved ones’ list, don’t sweat it, just enjoy each other and stay safe and happy this holiday season.
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