12 Tips For Fitness Success
Posted on Aug 30, 2016 2017-07-07T14:32:51+00:00 0 Lifestyle, execise Emergency Medical Care
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Good day, New York! Here are some more of our favorite fitness success tips:
  1. Find a fitness buddy – Choose a friend who shares an interest in the fitness activities you enjoy, pushes you to try new activities and will encourage you to continue working out instead of quickly opting for the drive-thru when you get together instead.
  2. Carve out “fit-ortunities’ throughout your day – If you can’t find an hour to work out, try for 10 minutes between appointments, another 10 minutes later for a cardio burst, and 10 more for some pre-sleep yoga!
  3. Make sure you’re decked for success – Invest in good quality, well-fitting sneakers and some breathable workout clothing so you can work out in comfort and style, while protecting and supporting your body.
  4. Pump up your playlist – By tailoring your tunes to suit your workout, you could burn even more calories.
  5. Document your journey – photos from start to finish will help make your progress tangible, and encourage you to stay the course and continue toward your goal.
  6. Avoid the daily weigh-in – daily weigh-ins can be discouraging. Weekly or biweekly weigh-ins show more drastic results minus daily fluctuations, which can give you the encouragement boost you need to keep up the good work (or the sign you need to be stricter with yourself before the next weight-in).
  7. Try tape-watching instead of scale-watching - Some people find measuring in inches to be more encouraging. Being that inches and pounds correspond closely with each other, measuring in inches will give you about the same information.
  8. Don’t set the bar out of reach – Even if you wish to lose 40+ pounds or inches don’t set your sights that high at first. Start with a modest weight loss goal, and increase it accordingly as you start seeing success.
  9. Simplify your workout – You can use household items like lunging while carrying bags of flour, doing staircase reps or jumping jacks for just as effective a workout without an expensive gym membership.
  10. Don’t be your own worse critic – Everyone falls down sometimes, don’t beat yourself up if you have an off day or miss a workout. Just try to get right back on track!
  11. Spice it up – It can be helpful to vary this routine to keep interest and target different areas of the body. You can combine yoga, strength training, walking, fitness classes and dancing, for example.
  12. Try High Intensity interval training – According to WebMD, you can burn many more calories with short intense bursts than with a steady paced exercise session of longer duration. Depending on your fitness level, you may work at your max for 30 seconds to 5 minutes, then drop it down to recovery-level exercise for a short amount of time, repeating the cycle several times.
We hope our fitness tips were helpful, thanks for visiting EMC. Stay healthy and happy!