10 Conditions That Can Cause a Rash
Posted on Mar 14, 2017 2017-10-04T13:07:48+00:00 0 Uncategorized Emergency Medical Care
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Rashes are a common nuisance we all experience from time to time. Sometimes they are harmless and clear themselves up, but a rash could also be a symptom of a larger underlying condition. Let’s take a look at some (of the many) potential causes of rashes:
  1. Fungal infection – A yeast or fungal infection normally causes redness, itchiness, burning and soreness. They commonly occur in the genital area, but can occur nearly anywhere on the skin.
  2. Contact dermatitis can occur as a result of a sensitivity to an irritant and often appears as a red, streaky or spotty rash that may be painful and itchy.
  3. Allergies – urticaria (hives) usually present as itchy raised welts or bumps on the skin. There are often several in clusters on the affected area (they can also happen all over the skin).
  4. Fifths disease often causes a bright scarlet-colored rash across the cheeks.
  5. Shingles (herpes zoster), can cause a burning, painful or tingling rash that presents as a series of clustered blisters which can quickly spread if not treated.
  6. Scarlet fever can cause a rash that appears similar to a sunburn and feels rough to the touch. It usually starts on the upper torso and spreads to the rest of the body.
  7. Measles – usually appear as itchy bumps spread around the body and accompanied by itching eyes and cold-like symptoms.
  8. Chicken pox – looks like tiny red bumps all over the skin that eventually become fluid-filled blisters. These are very itchy, sometimes painful or burning.
  9. Bed bug bites – Often appearing as small clusters of itchy, tiny red bumps, bed bug bites can be tricky to figure out right away. Usually these clusters are on the legs or arms but can be anywhere.
  10. Lupus or other autoimmune conditions can commonly cause a non-specified rash. Lupus in particular causes a malar rash, which is specifically over the bridge of the nose and on both cheeks.
There are many other potential reasons for a rash as well, but only a doctor can truly get to the bottom of your rash! Thanks for visiting EMC!