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Comfort in knowing that EMC healthcare providers have over 60,000 hours of rigorous Emergency Room experience

About Us

Emergency Medical Care (EMC) is a both a healthcare practice and an efficient, compassionate urgent care concept and practice forged by our founder, Steve Okhravi, MD, MBA, CPE.

Emergency Medical Care is an urgent care concept that provides the same medical services that as an emergency room. Forged by our visionary founder, Dr. Steve Okhravi, it was derived from his decades of experience directing hospital emergency rooms.

After a successful career in hospital and ER management, Dr. Okhravi realized that there was a better way to give patients the emergency care they need. Since most ER patients wait hours for service and 80% get discharged, patients would welcome a solution that values their time and convenience. Imagine getting the same quality of treatment that you would receive in an ER but in a pleasant, comfortable setting and far quicker service. EMC, the first standalone ER in New York, was born with that principle: patients first.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC)


We understand how agonizing the emergency room can be. You'll wait hours to be seen by a provider in a grimy, public setting and beg for the attention of over-worked staff. At Emergency Medical Care, you'll wait no more than 15 minutes on average to see a provider. We have CT-Scans, X-Rays, Ultrasound, on-site labs, and can treat any emergency.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC) - Vision


Dr. Steve Okhravi, Founder and Visionary
1961-2017 - Forever in our hearts

Dr. Steve Okhravi was many things. Professionally, he was an expert clinician and diagnostician known for treating complex conditions with composure, confidence, and compassion. He was beloved by many of his patients for his willingness to spend as much time with them as needed and to truly take an interest in their needs, even if they had been cast aside by other doctors. He was a tireless and dogged worker. He would work endlessly, covering shifts for doctors who didn't want to work, traveling hundreds of miles to take care of a single patient with a complex condition, and waking up several times throughout the night to see patients. He directed several ERs, hospitalist and ambulatory care programs, and was awarded several times for his process optimization skills. Notably, he cut emergency room wait time to 15 minutes and throughput time to 120 minutes, both unprecedented.

As a person, he was the kindest and most generous soul. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone and he would never fail to help a friend in need. He made those around him feel safe. His famous catchphrase was, 'not a problem!' as a response to any predicament. He poured his soul into EMC and his values and philosophies live on through our staff, culture, and mission of always doing what's right for the patient. Steve would frequently say, 'treat the patient as you would treat your own family member.' He certainly practiced what he preached.

Thank you for everything, Steve. Your spirit and love will be missed.


The staff gathered to serve the communities where EMC's facilities reside are comprised of dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare professionals with a laser-focused specialty in prompt emergency care. In fact, collectively, there's over 60,000 hours worth of in-practice ER experience by our team. You'll be comforted in knowing that such a select and highly-qualified group of practice administrators, physicians, physician assistants, medical technicians, and nurses can be gathered with one goal in mind: to speed you to a faster recovery for your urgent care needs. Quality Care in a New York Minute is no idle promise by EMC.
Every EMC Team member is dedicated to this promise.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC) - Team


Tutor Perini and many major construction companies
DOT physical exams, workers compensation injuries, drug testing

Professional Relationships Built to Serve You Better

Local Hospitals

In the unlikely circumstance that you need admission to a hospital, we'll handle all the details to ensure your uninterrupted care.


Prescriptions are ready for you upon your departure OR delivered to your home at no additional cost.

Kings Pharmacy: 5 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013 |  212.791.3100
Thriftway Pharmacy: 646 10th Ave. (bet. 45th & 46th St.) 10036 |  212.956.1100
Top-tier Medical Imaging Service providers

Board Certified radiologists match our quality care promise for expedient, comprehensive diagnostic readings for CT, Ultrasound and X-ray...before you leave our facility.

Senior Care Emergency Medical Services
  • — More than 450 employees
  • — Over 70 ambulances
  • — Serving over 100 health care facilities in New York City
  • — Unwavering pledge of "clinical excellence and outstanding customer service"
Emergency Medical Care (EMC) - Team


EMC is proud to develop alliances with groups, organizations and associations of forward thinking individuals that see the significant benefits of aligning with an Urgent Care Center before one is needed.

Putting contingency resources in place in case of emergency:

  • a) Reduces stress when members need it most; and
  • b) Predefines an acceptable plan-of-action when presence of mind is often most challenged.

The following organizations have reaped the benefits of establishing a relationship with EMC for their members, so they can have a pre-vetted, reliable and time-conscious resource to turn to in an urgent medical moment of need:

  1. Real Estate Development/Construction
  2. Sports/Fitness Club
  3. Shipping
  4. Security

3/12/12: EMC fosters provider-of-record associations in key industry categories.

EMC is a Certified Urgent Care Facility by the
Urgent Care Association of America
American College of Radiology, Computed Tomography seal EMC is an Accredited Facility by the
American College of Radiology


EMC is in the enviable position of growth for an ER healthcare practice whose time has come...in the New York Metro area. As such, we look for dedicated healthcare professionals that understand the benefits of prompt Urgent Care in a stand-alone setting. If you feel your credentials fill the needs of our effective and efficient practice model and (rightfully) demanding patients, please submit your CV to careers@emcny.com. If you are an outstanding healthcare provider with the right background, we'll be in touch...in a NY Minute.

Emergency Medical Care (EMC) - Team